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In this album you will see the engine and it's changes.


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This page is dedicated to the modifications and images of my '78 Regal. It has been with me since I was nine years old. When I was old enough to drive, I quickly set about changing its character. At the time, in the area where I lived, it was real popular to lower the cars as much as possible and install the loudest stereo your wallet could handle. This high, or should I say loud, profile is what got the car stolen from my high school parking lot. When I recovered the car, it was in a pretty sad state. My parents had already bought me another car and refused to store the Regal in their home until I got around to fixing it. I was able to trade what was left of the drivetrain for the money to have it taken out of the impound lot and towed to my aunt's house where it would remain for several years. Several failed plans to get the car back to street worthiness prompted me to just build the thing to be the fastest and most different Regal anyone has seen. I was old enough now and convinced my parents to let me bring the car home. From then on, the project was rapidly materializing into a running dream. That is, until I moved out to find my adult self. Then came marriage, and then a house. Not just any house, but a house with a garage. It is now 1999, ten years since I recovered the car, and I'm not even close to finishing the project. To be honest with myself, I will never be finished with this car.

Here are some of the things that I think make my car unique:

Some of the details of the drivetrain are:

The steering, suspension and brakes consist of:

That's about it for the speed parts. The car is getting better right now. It is showing promise to go into the 11's with some better driving and chassis tuning. The quarter mile times seem to be improving as of 1-21-00. The MPH numbers are giving me that hope. It's my belief that a "drag" only setup is not only silly on the street but hazardous as well so the quarter mile times will never be optimum, but adequate. Follow the link for more information.

The rest of the car is...let's say incomplete. The interior was soaked from sitting with a broken windshield so I ripped it out and made my own. It allowed me to have the instrumentation I wanted, where I wanted it. Some day I'll cover it with vinyl and make it look semi-decent. A carpet and sound deadening were finally installed during the '99 holidays. It has helped with the heat inside and lowered the exhaust noise a bit. A/C is also in the planning stages as SoFla summers are very long and humid. The exterior will have to wait until I can afford to have it done professionally. Donations are always accepted. Make check or money order payable to.......

What might someday make it on this car is: