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This is the page of variety.

It seems that everyone I know prefers a different make of car.

Therefore, you will find a wide range of vehicles as original as their owners.


Frank, my colleague, has two vehicles worthy of showing:

This car has been retrofitted with a 5.slow motor and 5-speed transmission.

It's known, as his wife calls it, as the "pimpmobile". You might agree by looking and listening to this car firsthand.

Along with the retrofit, some aftermarket items have found their way onto this car including exhaust and intake modifications.

The Olds' has been with Frank for many years now. He performed a "restification" back in the early 80's of the body.

The stock motor was also freshened at the time with a new cam and manifold. A four-speed and 3.91 in the rear make it fun to drive. It used to have an ancient Moroso nitrous system but due to the age of the components it was decided to not be used.

He is a bit too protective of the car and does not drive it nearly enough. It was sitting for six years at one point and it has never been down the quarter mile for some "testing & tuning". Maybe some more bashing is what he needs to get it going.


Armando is my autocross pal. His car is a:

He and I have a grudge match going to see who's car can handle better. As of this writing we have raced once and the Z28 beat the Deutsch car.

He has done some handling mods including sway bars, plus 1 tire package and a strut tower brace.

Round two of our match race is coming up around Turkey Day so I'll keep you informed.

You might notice I have some fun at his expense from time to time. However, he is a great competitor and a good loser. Just kidding.

Earl is a customer of the shop I work at. He has a:

The truck's drivetrain has been replaced with a LT1 and 4L60E from a '96 Z28.The SEFI set-up was kept along with many other factory parts to give it a sort of updated stock look & feel.

The paint & bodywork are custom. The front original half has been enhanced with ghost flames and a custom grille. The rear step-side is from a '90s truck. And yes, those are 20" wheels.

Of course the interior's main modifications include a killer stereo and Budnick steering wheel.

It might be getting some power upgrades in the near future. It seems Earl enjoys going like hell in this daily driver.