This page will show some of the steps involved in my EFI project. The system will be a Port Fuel Injector (PFI) type single plane manifold using an Engine Control Module (ECM) from a 90-92 PFI GM F-body. Many people believe in getting an aftermarket ECM to manage an engine that is being converted to EFI or one that is high in HP, but the factory ECM is very capable and has many desirable features and one of the most desirable is "cost". I will try to give a detailed list of parts and their cost to me, which of course may vary from the cost to anyone else as that's the way the Hot Rod world works. I will also try to give as much detail as possible in the area of PROM burning. If you were to go with an aftermarket ECM, you wouldn't have to burn PROM's but that is the case with a GM ECM. It is not much different from the aftermarket stuff.You have to physically change an electrical component (the PROM) and the wording and acronyms can be much more complex. The ability to burn a PROM for a GM ECM was not something GM cooperated with so you can imagine it was a tedious task for the pioneers but thanks to them we have now a wealth of knowledge and infinite possibilities as to what you can do that GM never wanted to or thought of doing with their ECM. Hopefully this page will help open some closed minds to the world of EFI. In the meantime here are some pics of what is up ahead: