Finally, a trip to the dyno to test out the new power plant! It went well but the fuel pressure was all over the place and I could not run anymore with these conditions in fear of hurting the engine. This is the reason I wanted to dyno it more than anything. It was a cheap way to find out and avoid a great potential problem. In any case, the results were satisfactory and can be improved upon. These are rear wheel numbers so make of them what you want. The results were 435 peak RWHP and 419 peak RWTQ. The HP numbers were over 400 from 5100 to the end of the dyno run which was 6500. The torque was great from 3750 where it was over 400 to 5500 where it finally fell out of the 400 range. It was flat to say the least. If you live in SoFla and are interested in having your car dyno'd, call Brett at Fast Times Dyno @ 954-565-1611. It's $100/hr and you do the wrenching but he'll work on the car for you for an additional charge. If you want to build something wild, he's the guy to talk to also.