Hector,Laura & Alex
I am the guy on the left with my wife, and my good friend. I am an auto mechanic by day. I was born in Cuba and emigrated with my parents in '79 to the USA. AS you can tell I like cars and anything that lets me tinker with them. I really enjoy autocrossing the Z28 and have come to dread working on the Regal as it never wants to stay running for long enough to enjoy. Quite an ungrateful child much like I was! I guess it befits me then.

My Godson Alexander
He is a great kid. Doesn't talk much but gets everything he wants. Makes me wonder why I have to spell everything out to his father (the dodo in the pic above) when all little Al has to do is point a finger. I hope to have a child like him if I ever manage to make one!

This is the exact opposite of little Al. The boy speaks non-stop and is in attention getting mode 24/7. He is the first of the sons of the brotherhood of my youth. He does take very good care of his little brother (of whom I don't have a picture of) Michael, but that's only because it takes a devil to understand a devil!

This is me and my sister Mei.
Ten years younger and none the wiser! We are the same person in character and charm, or lack thereof, and that's why our Mommy loves us so much!